Why Italian Luxury Group

After 10 years of continuous growth, Italian Luxury Group is building a network of exclusive suppliers from every country in the world divided by category. As a guarantee in favour of our customers, we only choose companies with Prestigious materials of the highest quality, innovation and uniqueness.

Over 15 years' experience and a deep knowledge of Australian business dynamics. Owing to a business approach, covering three operational levels (E-Boutique, wholesale, and contract) and to a stately and top rank reference target, we assure a very wide exposure to our partners, and we open a direct business path towards the rich Asian markets of China, Korea and Japan.

On our official website, we have 35 Brands with more than 7000 products, which we sell all over the world.

Our company policy is strictly connected to the concepts relating to high quality standards and absolute respect for Italian and International craftsmen: the real strengths of our entrepreneurial group and the absolute symbols of quality and professionalism all over the world. 


70% of our customers are in Australia and New Zealand, and 30% are divided between Us & Canada and Europe

Our online multi brands store continues to grow every day, with 70% of our customers in Australia and New Zealand and the remaining 30% split between US & Canada and Europe. As a leader in the industry, we are proud to serve customers worldwide, providing a diverse selection of quality products.