How to spray the perfume, or better still how to wear it, is a very interesting and important topic because between a correct application and a wrong one, the very structure of the perfume and its duration can change. Let's find out where and how to apply the perfume. The fundamental rule is that the perfume vaporizes in the hot parts, where the blood pulsates more. There are some tricks to make sure that the fragrance releases its smell at its best and lasts as long as possible, both in the case of perfumes for women and men. We then examine the points on the body where to spray the perfume Warning: the first rule is to spray it at least about 15-20 cm from the point of your body.Belly button. It is certainly the most important point and also the least common one. Just the navel gives off heat from the whole body, from the bottom to the other and vice versa, it is a body heater. Frédéric Malle, inventor of the well-known Portrait of a Lady fragrance, also recommended the navel as a place to spray it and to make it last longer. Don't overdo the quantity. Inside of the elbow. Being an area in constant movement it generates a lot of heat. It is an excellent part of the body.
Flank. The area from the armpit to the waist should not be underestimated. Recommended for men. Behind the knee. Suitable for women. This part is also in constant motion throughout the day and generates a lot of heat. The scent from below will gradually rise upwards as the hours pass. Marta Marzotto recommended this point especially for the summer and to wear a dress.
Ankle. For both men and women. Rubbing with socks or directly with shoes, it generates heat. Breast and chest. It was very common for women in the Middle Ages to perfume their breasts. For men the chest. Wrists. certainly the part most used by everyone. In the case of artistic perfumery, the rule that rubbing one's wrists is wrong is not valid. Avoid spraying the perfume on the back of the hand (too dry) and on the palm of the hand (too wet). Be careful if you wear bracelets or watches, perfumes can change by interacting with metals. Ears. In this hot spot the veins are very close to the skin surface. Neck. not recommended, especially for women and for the summer. It could cause allergies and redness as it is a very sensitive area. Besides the body there are other ways of spraying the perfume. Hair
Hair is an excellent carrier of the fragrance but never spray closely, always at least 20 cm away. The hair traps the scent and releases it with every movement. But be careful not to use aggressive perfumes on the hair, but only specific perfumes that do not damage or dry the hair since the perfumes are based. In the Middle Ages they were first sprayed on a brush and then passed on the hair.
I recommend spraying them inside the clothes so that wearing them the body heat releases its essence to the maximum. Also in this case it is necessary to spray them at least 20 cm. Beware of vetiver and patchouli, they are the only essences that could stain if sprayed closely. Let's use them on the collar of the shirt, on a scarf, inside a coat or a down jacket, inside a sweater in winter is an excellent expedient since the scent remains trapped in the fibers and the heat that the wool develops on the body amplifies the effect. In summer it would be better to spray the perfume on clothes and not on the skin to avoid reactions with the sun and sweat. In any case, spray the perfume at least half an hour before going out and avoid contact with the sun which could create photosensitization problems causing skin spots of thickening and hardening of the skin.
Cloud effect
Spray the perfume on top and let it fall on you. It is a method often used by Arab queens, who love to perfume their hair.